Projects in pipeline

1. Artificial turfing on Belle Rose, Residence Kennedy, Pere Laval and Chooroomoonee children playgrounds.
2. Construction of Futsal at Ebène
3. Renovation works of Belle Rose Reception Hall
4. Renovation works of Reception Hall in Town Hall yard
5. Construction of new store building at Palma.
6. Intgegrated project at Chooroomoonee Avenue, Bassin
7. Upgrading works at Residence Kennedy Sports Complex.
8. Construction of new roads within the township of Quatre Bornes.
9. Resurfacing of roads within the township of Quatre Bornes.
10. New panel fence at Candos children playground.
11. Construction of drains and absorption drains within the township of Quatre Bornes.
12. Fixing of roof netting and cushions around poles on Residence St Jean mini soccer pitch
13. Embellishment of Town Hall yard
14. Fixing of new children play equipment in several children playgrounds